Monday, June 18, 2007

Question 4

The Board of Studies website is a quick resource centre for any of your board of studies requirements, once you have located it through a search engine such as Google it is easy to navigate around through it’s internal search engine. Some of the menu’s include:

  • "HSC Exam Papers
  • HSC Assessment
  • HSC Syllabuses
  • School Certificate
  • All NSW Syllabuses
  • K to 6 Website
  • Assessment Resource Centre
  • Manuals & Guides
  • Employers
  • Parents Page
  • Special Education Needs
  • Vocational Education
  • Official Notices
  • Board Bulletin
  • Statistics Archive
  • Registered NSW Schools
  • Board of Studies NSW
  • Job Vacancies
  • Dates & Events"
From the BOS site
The website also have What's new this week, contacts, links and resources for students and teachers.

Here is the list of what is available for Design and Tech:

"• Stage 4 year 7 and 8 mandatory technology Syllabus
• The guide to the new Year7- 8 syllabus
• Mapping of Information and Communications Technologies in Revised Mandatory Stages 4 and 5 Syllabuses
• Support documents (that include Establishing a scope and sequence plan, advice on assessment, programming units of work, sample units of work)
• Life skills years 7-10 advice on planning, programming and assessment
• Stage 5 syllabus Design and Technology
• Equipment list for School certificate test
• Stage 6 syllabus Design and Technology
• Stage 6 Design and Technology Support document
• An introduction to design and technology stage 6 in the new HSC
• Specimen papers (mapping grid, marking guidelines, specimen examinations)
• Past HSC papers
• The new standards-based Higher School Certificate
• Stage 6 syllabus Design and Technology Resources
• Draft performance bands for D&T
• Marking Guidelines
• To name a few."

The Board of studies provide each subject with a Syllabus which have at least the following:

• Rationale for Design and Technology in the Stage …
• Curriculum
• Continuum of Learning for Design and Technology Students
• Aims
• Objectives
• Course structure, objectives and outcomes in table form, post school opportunities
• Assessment and reporting
• And more

As well as support documents that outline how to program units of work.

All of this is used in the process of programming. Here is one way you could go about programming:

"• Select the outcomes (from your syllabus) that will be focus of the design task and those that will be contributing outcomes for the unit of work. Ensure that you have a manageable number of outcomes.
• Decide on the specific evidence of learning to be observed through the teaching, learning and assessment activities. This evidence will facilitate judgments of student achievement in relation to the outcomes and identified content.
• Select the relevant syllabus content, identifying what students are going to ‘learn about’ and ‘learn to’ do.
• Plan the teaching and learning strategies for the identified content and decide on the assessment for learning strategies that will provide evidence of learning.
• Strategies should include a range of student-centered experiences that promote the development of knowledge, understanding and skills.
• Provide feedback so that students have the necessary information and direction to progress their learning.
• Reflect on the previous steps and evaluate the degree to which the unit has remained focused on the outcomes."
(Modified from the support document for year7-8 mandatory technology)

The Board of studies are the starting point for your programming and resource centre for any series of lessons, and as a NSW registered school we need to document our application of the Syllabus in each of the KLA areas.
After programming comes the planning of a series of lessons, once you have established the outcomes you need to cover in the unit of work then you need establish what out comes you are going to cover within each lesson.


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